We would like to take this opportunity to remind all parents of the amazing After School Program that is being offered at the community. This program is Monday through Friday from 4pm to 7pm  and free to all residents. We will be having an Open House so you can come out and get more program details. Hope to see you there !






This notice is to inform you that the City of Houston Fire Department has informed us that any and all cars that are blocking the fire access gates located along the fence facing Antoine Drive and along the fence facing Hollyview Drive will be towed at the owners expense. This is a fire hazard. Fire trucks must be able to enter these gates at any time and they cannot be blocked.




We were also informed that cars will be towed that are blocking the dumpsters. We have placed NO PARKING notices along these areas.




Again do not park in these areas or you will be towed. Towing will begin Friday September 16, 2016.




Thank you



This notice has also been placed on every door.